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Problems emulating

Henry Morrison

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Hello, I am a newbie in the programming for the Atari 2600 ... I am starting with the diverse and excellent tutorials that I find on this page, and I carried out my first successful example.


I took a sample sample, a code already written in a .asm file, I compiled it with DASM successfully, I launched it with Stella ... wonderful! It worked


Unfortunately I did not have the same luck when trying to generate my own code. I copied an Assembler exercise in my word processor (PSPAD Editor), saved it with the name of "Example.asm", I successfully compiled it with DASM ... but when I tried to launch the resulting file in Stella, I got an error.


ERROR: Couldn't create console (Zero-byte file).


I hope someone can help me out with that ... one of my biggest dreams of programming an A2600 game!


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