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atari2600land's Blog - My history teacher eats lemons on Thanksgiving


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So it's Thanksgiving. Not really a big deal in this house. Mom is vegan, and my sister's family is going to Tillamook for my sister's boyfriend's family. That leaves me with a turkey TV dinner. Yesterday I worked on MHTAL for the Intellivision. Almost all day was spent trying to get some sort of collision detection in. About a couple hours was spent trying to make a maze like the 2600 version had. This was the result:

I took some code from the Celery game and put it in this code to create the maze. I guess all I could do was an 12x11 maze so that's what I did. I tried putting in a 16x11 maze but it didn't work. You take a little damage from the raindrop that falls. (Fred doesn't like getting wet.) Now I know why I like the Intellivision so much. You can do better things than on an Atari 2600.

So now the game is 11.5k. I need to think of a new screen. Once the code gets to be 15k, I'll put in the forest boss lemon. He shoots stuff at you. You must shoot him a number of times before he disappears and you go on to level 2. I'm thinking the entire game will be about 45k. That's about what the waffle game is now. 15x3=45. 3 is the number of different levels. And an ending. Should add up to about 47k.

Celery, lemons, waffles, I must like food a lot.

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