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A good deal or a waste of money?


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I just bought a 4 Port version of the 5200 on eBay. The listing was for $40, included the console, 2 controllers (going to assume they don't work), and 9 Games:


Pac Man, Boxed(not for resale),manual

Kangaroo, manual



Defender, manual

Centipede, manual

RealSports Soccer

Pole Position, manual

Super Breakout, manual


"Tested only console with Power and Adapter and got wavy lines, so no further testing done. Probably the Antennae box is bad as it looks wack, but still could be the console. Did not test controllers or games"


I'm not too worried about faulty controllers or problems with the power/RF box as I'm hoping to work on these myself, or at least try.


Did I score on this or should I have held off until a better offer?

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Was it free shipping?


Coming with cords, controllers, and the games you mentioned sounds like a great deal if the shipping was free or not much.



Provided to the console is in decent cosmetic shape.


Can you show us link to the sale so we can see the pics?

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Is the power switch melted? What am I seeing there? Doesn't look right.





After doing a google search I can't seem to find any replacement power buttons for the console so if it is melted I hope you can get a replacement cheap. Even the non working consoles themselves are pretty high so that would have me worried a bit.




Look closely at the bottom right corner of the first pic. The whole area has melted some. You can see the button is melted and also part of the case is below with the ribs where it has separated.


Something inside may have caught fire at one point but may have been repaired to working order but you are still with a case in bad shape.


Were you getting this unit for yourself to fix up and play or to turn around and sell? If for yourself maybe still a great deal but if you were going to try to sell it maybe not so because not may people would want to buy it with case in that condition. Would like to hear other thoughts as well.

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The shipping was high, but it was always going to be. I live in a country far from anywhere I've seen with 5200's "readily" available.

I'm getting the console so I can mess around and tinker with it, and see how well I can restore it.

I agree the button looks awful, but I know a 3D printer guy. I didn't notice any signs of further damage to the casing, but I'm now concerned... I can live with a dodgy board but if I'm to display the console with the rest of my collection this is s potentially serious issue...

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Thanks for the feedback though. The 5200 is my final Atari frontier as far as consoles go, I have a solid collection of 2600, 7800, XE GS, Jaguar and Jag CD stuff but 5200 just doesn't show up here. Never in my years collecting classic games and systems and working in the lead Retro Game store in my country have I seen any 5200 stuff.


It's starting to seem to me that nothing about this system is a walk in the park...

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