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Rare Cardboard Displays Atari Star Raiders 400/800 n Empire Strikes Back


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Taking Offers on these Very Rare Thick Cardboard Displays , From Former Atari Employee Where Missile Command Contest Poster Came From, First is Atari Star Raiders 400/800 Game n Second is a Empire Strikes Back Park Brothers Game


Star Raiders Measures are a Little More Than 12 n a Half Inches Tall n Nearly 10 Inches Wide


Empire Strikes Back Measures a little more than 12 n Half Inches Tall n Nearly a Tab More Than 8 inches Wide


Now On EBay a Store Display Poster Version with A Tear n Rip Sold For 160


These Are Much Rarer post-62136-0-27348300-1511472320_thumb.jpgpost-62136-0-22015900-1511472354_thumb.jpgpost-62136-0-49422300-1511472372_thumb.jpgpost-62136-0-24057000-1511472395_thumb.jpg

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The empire strikes back poster is advertising the Parker Brothers Atari, a little history back in late 70 until 1984 Atari had a large Booth Advertising their Latest Items n these Cardboard Displays were in Stand up Frames so the Public Could See their Latest Game's Being Release Doing the Year, Well went the Computer n Gaming Show For Store Buyers n Public These were Meant To Be Throw Away, Well This Former Employee Kept Everything the prototype games, shirts, jackets, buttons n pins, posters n Cardboard Displays, Whistles, Coffee Mugs with Atari logo n pix of Games on Them , keychains Etc Everything Atari n will be working with family for the next three months.

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Best price for these by pm I got was 105 for each, So for Star Raiders 400/800 poster I can do 125, For Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back I can do 150 or Both For 250, U need to consider these are rare n You will not Find Any on the Net As the Former Atari Employee That I am Doing business With Was in Charge of The Atari Booth At The Computer n Gaming Shows Back in the Day n Kept Everything , The user who bought the Space invaders n Missile Command Posters Was Happy as These Came From The Same Source, I will have More Diffirent Ones Tomorrow Among Other Things. Thanks

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