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Jaguar Kiosk Monitor Alternatives


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So, sadly, the Atari SC 1435 monitor in my Jaguar kiosk died a few weeks ago. I have someone local who is going to look at it for repair, but I'm wondering what alternatives would be best if we can't bring it back to life. RGB preferred!


Kiosk owners: what are you using for a monitor in your system?

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I'm using a Sanyo 14" inch tv in mine. Picked it up at Walmart back in 2003 when tvs were still box shaped :P The remote control is the only way I can turn it on and the sensor is at the front left (facing it) so I hold it high and angled downward. Then leave the remote on top of the kiosk out of harm's way.

Was looking to test fit a similar sized lcd flat screen but haven't gotten around to it.


The quality is great though

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I've had all my Atari SC XXXX monitors died on me too. :( The ST monitor I have now doesn't play well with the Jag. :sad: The Atari SC 1435 monitor are hard to come by in this day and time I hope it be fixed. Now I use a SC1224 RGB converter box http://atariage.com/forums/topic/169310-sc1224-on-8-bit-in-color/ At first the converter box was just for my A8 but now I use it with any that has s-video out but now I'm using the SC1224 RGB converter box plus a Atari ST to VGA Multi-Sync RGB Color Monitor Cable It's so much better. :grin: 8) https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-st-video-cables/290-atari-st-to-vga-multi-sync-rgb-colour-monitor-cable.html#/audio_output-with_audio_output

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Let's face it -- manufacturer's are never going to make new CRT's for enthusiasts.

However, maybe we can get enough enthusiasts together to get a flat screen manufacturer

to create a couple 4:3 ratio TV's that would drop into most old arcade cabinets. It's

probably the best we are gonna get. Eventually, parts to repair CRT's are probably

going away just like the CRT's themselves.

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