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The next Odyssey 2 game I have as well as all others made until the day I die, will have this splash screen to begin the game. I tried to put it in Oranges even without the music but it wouldn't fit anywhere. I guess I just have to make a new game and start with it and then build the game and fit the code around the intro screen. So I;m so sick of coding now that I'm going to take a break from it for a few days and then come back to it.

I know I've said that in the past. But this time I mean it. My head hurts from all the thinking I've been doing these past couple of days. Or perhaps it's just because I'm sleepy. Ran this on a real Odyssey 2. It works, but sounds different than in O2EM. It's 335 bytes long, so it shouldn't take up much room in a game when I decide on something to make a game about. In a game I use it in, it will just go once. Right now since there's no game, I just looped it so it plays over and over again.

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