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Sand Castles


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I just finished up a side-scroller/platformer called “Sand Castles” – I wanted to share a copy if anyone’s interested. Here’s a quick run-down…

  • Shoot to defeat monsters to clear each round (if you spend to much time in a level, you’ll get chased by the “reaper”)
  • Health bar is to the bottom-right, lives to the bottom left
  • Left difficulty switch to control game difficulty (b=longer time before reaper, health restored each level)
  • Right difficulty switch turns music on/off.
  • Works with SEGA Genesis controllers with multiple buttons supported: B to shoot, C to jump – of course it also works with the 2600 joystick, where “up” jumps.
  • DPC+ kernel (tested in Stella, and Harmony cartridge)

Based on the feedback I got with Bit Quest, I thought it’d be cool to make a proper manual for the game, so I’ve include that as well.

In any case, check it out. Hope you enjoy it!




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Finally got a chance to play. Love the main character sprite! Jumping can be a little unforgiving in spots leading to some cheap deaths, but overall the game play is fun. I like the variety of enemies and play fields. Kind of surprised to see it has an end. Can you keep playing past the end, i.e. repeat with higher difficulty?

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So, I realize this is going to be some shameless self-promotion... but I wanted to share that I made a sequel to this game! The sequel is actually for Windows PC, it's called "Super Sand Castles". If you're interested, it's available for free right here: http://brianwayneshea.com/super-sand-castles/


It may not be an Atari game at this point, but I think it keeps the retro spirit alive... plus I use a lot of samples, sound effects, and other bits from the original! :) If you haven't played the original, it's at the beginning of this thread. (Oh, and speaking of the original - check out the attached picture of the physical cartridge, pretty nifty!)





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