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Scroll bar freezes inside threads. Have to "select down" or up.


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We need info! particularly:

Your OS

Your Browser

Browser Version (build)

Oh, and plugins and stuff.

The VLC plugin sucks!


Windows 10 Home Edition - 38.14393.0.0

Microsoft Edge - Windows 10 Edition: Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063


None apparently (extensions tab is empty and says "when you get extension they will appear here")

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I have no clue on MS's latest frankenstein...

Sorry, but being flat out broke means surfing AA on a 2003 XP powerhouse with a whole 16MB Vram and 512 RAM!

Could just be a glitch in the latest Edge build. Hopefully will go away in the new future as it is pretty annoying.


Firefox has been much worse than Edge lately it seems, it especially gets bogged down waiting for pictures or ads to load before I can use it. It could be the nature of the scripts or it could be the security software fighting with it. Also, either Dell Diagnostics or Kaspersky Security are frequently running some scan or other to slow things down and in the Task manager there are usually mystery processes that are using 80 -100% of some disk function listed. At work now, so I don't remember the disk function name.

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