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SNES2JAG AV Converter Official Order List


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SNES2JAG AV Cable Converter Order List


I am now taking orders for the SNES to JAGUAR Cable converter.


What is it?

An adaptor that is plugged into the Atari Jaguar and allows you to use widely available SNES AV cables with your Atari Jaguar. This device functions essentially as a signal pass-through, no additional processing of the signal is occurring. The signals are routed from the Atari Jaguar Edge connector directly to the SNES AV PCB and to your cables of choice.


Will this improve the video quality of my Atari Jaguar?

No, this device does not do any additional signal processing, upscaling or any other improvements to your Jaguars AV signals. The SNES2JAG converter is simply an AV cable converter that allows you to use SNES AV cables with your Atari Jaguar.


What cables does the device currently support?

· Standard Composite SNES AV Cables

· Standard S-VIDEO SNES AV Cables

· HDRetrovision SNES Component Cables


Why Does This exist?

I was messing around with some spare parts and thought it would be cool to make a way for Atari Jaguar fans to use widely available SNES cables instead of paying for overpriced and hard to find Atari Jaguar Peripherals. I was also curious if HDRetrovision Component cables would work with my Atari Jaguar and was plesantly surprised that it works and looks great!


Is this product supported or endorsed by HDRetrovision?

No, HDRetrovison has nothing to do with the creation, manufacture or support of the SNES2JAG Converter. As such, one should assume that using HDRetrovison cables with the SNES2JAG Convertor MAY void any warranty you might have with HDRetrovison.


HDRetrovision states on their website that they encourage its users to experiment to see which game consoles work with their cables. This device was created in that spirit.


Screenshot of HDRetrovision web site.




Are you an Engineer?

No I am not. I am a hobbyist.


How can I order?

You can reserve an AV Converter by responding to this forum posting. Only by replying to this Posting will you be placed on “the list”. This will reserve your place “in line”. Then, starting at the top, I will then send a private reply to each person (until inventory is depleted) and we can arrange payment and shipping details. Once payment is received your order will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.


How much is it?

The Price is $25.00 USD plus shipping.


How much is Shipping?

USPS Small Box Priority Mail: $6.45 1-3 day delivery and comes with a tracking number.


How will Orders be processed?

I will fulfill orders on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of one unit per customer. Respond to this posting and this will reserve your place “in line”. Then, starting at the top, I will then send a private reply to each person (until inventory is depleted) and we can arrange payment and shipping details. I will make as many waves of these Converters as I can to accommodate everyone that wants one --parts permitting.


How can I pay?

I accept payment via Paypal.


How Many are available?

I currently have 18 Units completed and ready to sell/ship with the capacity and parts to make another 20 units.


That’s it! Respond to this Posting to put yourself on the list for the first wave!




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Songbird has reserved the last Snes2Jag unit from the first wave, as such I have no more units available to sell.


I will make a second wave in the coming weeks and update this thread.


If you put your name on this post, I will email you once the second wave is finished and you can tell me if you are still interested.


Thanks Everyone!

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