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Keep team play rounds or not


Team play rounds  

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  1. 1. Keep team play rounds or not

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I vote keep it, breaks things up a bit. I'm not clear on scoring for the round though. Is it just the sum of both games' scores?

Team Play Scoring: There is always two or more scores to be made...scoring for each score is just like any other round...11 points for first on down to 1 point..then the individual scores are combined as follows...first and last place are team 1 and all scores are combined... then 2nd and next to last will be team 2 and so forth then the team placement will determine the bonus points which are 10 points to 1 point. If there is an odd number of players then I just double the odd score.


I have something in mind for round 8 but it will hinge on the outcome of this poll.



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I prefer the "catch the leaders" system that was used in the final rounds of some 2600 HSC.

This system doesn't change things too much, especially with rounds with few players but it's more satisfying to get more points when you finished higher.


I like to mix things a bit. But the "team play" doesn't feel like your in a team and the reward isn't very satisfying in my opinion.

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can you elaborate?

You choose the number of leaders from last round rankings and award a decrecent number of points for each player that beats the current score of these leaders.

It's better to give an example.


Suppose this is the last round ranking.

1. Trebor 68

2. jin 54

3. toiletunes 51

4. LidLikesIntellivision 49

4.Dr Moocowz 49

5. oyamafamily 46

And now we're playing Dig Dug. You choose to award every player who beats the three current leaders in current round (Dig Dug).

So if oyamafamily's Dig Dug score is higher than Trebor's, Jin's and Toiletunes' Dig Dug score, Joe could get +3 point for beating Trebor Dig Dug, +2 for beating jins and +1 for beating toiletunes' Dig Dug.

If Dr Moocowz beats only jin's score, he would get +2 points.

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