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2600 cartridge port breakout cards


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Strangely, I couldn't find anywhere to buy the (standard .1" 12/24 pin) edge connectors for the 2600, so I had these printed up by (wonderful) OSH Park … just posting here in case anyone else might have a use for them.




I personally just soldered pin strips to the 24 solder points and used female-to-male breadboard wires to break it out, but do whatever you like. The +5V and GND pins are duplicated to be a little easier to alligator-clip them, if you prefer.


Unfortunately there's a minimum order of 3 (Came out to about $18 for me), but … maybe someone else will have a use for this. (And, no, I don't get a kickback from OSH Park, you're welcome to the KiCad or Gerber files if you want them.)


Speaking of which, I do have a spare one (I used 2) if anybody wants it.



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