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Pro Controller support for Doom!


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Anyone with a Skunkboard and Pro Controller interested in trying out my Pro Controller support for Doom?


I've added:

  • Independent left and right strafing on shoulder buttons.
  • Circle strafing is much easier to perform.
  • Weapon selection on the x and y buttons.


Grab the file here:


With the Skunkboard, you need to upload the original Jag Doom rom to flash (jcp -f "rom file") and then reset the Jag (jcp -r) and then upload this to memory (jcp doom.abs).


Much thanks to Carl Forhan for all the support I needed to get this going!

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Along those lines, BeefMan, please feel free to set up a GitHub or similar online repository for the Doom source... it would be cool to have one set of Jag Doom source updated over time. I'm too old school to do that myself. ;)

I'll look into setting it up.

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Alright just tested it and it works great! I didnt read the entire first post part first and just ran the ABS and it wouldn't do anything. Saw that you have to flash the original Doom first and then run the ABS next. Straffing works. Then if you turn off the Jag and then restart Doom on the skunk the straffing is gone again. So you for sure have to re-input the ABS file before starting the game again. Would be great if this function could be added directly into the rom itself so you don;t have to do that each time.


Have you thought about adding this function to some other games, or are there other games that straffing would be known to work for? I tried it on Skyhammer and it works. I would love this function on Wolfenstein tho!

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