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I've been stupid. Since I was using the PLAY FULL command, I read in the IntyBasic manual that the SOUND command could not be used. That isn't entirely true, though. Sounds can be used, although they sound like total garbage like in the previous versions of my game. I was wondering about that. So I changed PLAY FULL to PLAY SIMPLE, and it made a world of difference. The sounds are much cleaner sounding.

So now that the game sounds better, I have a reason to continue working on it. I added a boss fight to the game, the boss of level 1 is a giant lemon. In fact, the lemons are so huge, you can only see the sides of them. That's where to shoot them. Oh, and these lemons spit out fire. Although it doesn't really look like fire since I can't draw well. At least I got the color right. So you shoot the giant lemon in the side. Don't stand too close to the lemon or else he won't feel the shot. I added this because I found if you stood close and held fire down, the level could easily be beaten.

I have to think up of a few more screens though, since I was going to add a boss fight and new level every 15k and the game is at 13k. And then I'll add a little tune (simple, of course) indicating that the level has been beaten and it's time to move on to level 2: the SNOW level.

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