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Text Buffer in Basic


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So, like a word processor or most modern type editors allowing just scrolling through the program instead of the annoyance of having to list specific line ranges?


It takes a fair chunk of memory or fast disk access to be able to do that on older computers. Action is probably closest to what you'd be after.

In the modern day though with 1 Meg expansions fairly common, there's no reason we couldn't have such a thing.

Though generally with Basic the program is tokenized as you type it in so such an editor would be more of a preparation tool and you'd still need to do a save and enter operation.

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Hello guys


AFAIR there were all kind of little type in routines in ANALOG Computing, ANTIC, Atari User, etc. that added stuff like text buffers and "scroll past the first 40 characters". Maybe it's worth looking into. And maybe Bill Kendrick's XLsearch is a nice place to start.





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