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Looking for Retro Game Programming Tutorials


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I've been googling for Retro Game Programming Tutorials for the past few days and I have found tons of Crrrrrrraaaaaaaap !!!


I was hoping that this group might be able to point me in the right direction.


I'm looking for maze, side scroller, platformer types games.

Games like Pac-man, Space invaders, Joust, Defender would be good examples.


I'm specifically wanting to know how the games are structured, so tutorials that give good details on that are preferred.

I don't care what language they are written in. I'm learning a new language and want some fun challenges to learn it :-)





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It is not complete, but I found this tutorial to be pretty great reading for working with Double Hires graphics very efficiently: http://www.battlestations.zone/2017/04/apple-ii-double-hi-res-from-ground-up.html

You will need to learn assembly too.


For the types of games you mentioned, you might be better off learning on the Commodore 64 as it works with sprites, etc. or the Atari.

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If you want to make arcade-quality games, your learning curve will be steep. The bitmapped graphics system in the Apple II is among the most complex out there, with no built-in circuitry like those fancy Commodore or Ataris to help you.


I don't know what you've seen and consider "Crrrrrrraaaaaaaap," but there's this:

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