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So I got this game in the mail today. It's a Sega Master System game called "Quartet." I don't know why they called it that, since it's a duo of characters going through a quintet of levels. I think this would be fun if the Master System had a Game Genie released for it. I die too quickly. I can't seem to get past level 2, but I have seen past it with the demo.

Standard run and jump and shooting stuff Mega Man style video game. But what sets it apart from Mega Man is the fact that TWO people can play simultaneously. That's right. You and a friend can shoot at aliens and stuff. The only drawback is that if one player is to the right of the screen, he can't go forward until the other player catches up. Again, I know this because of the demo watching.

Since I suck at Mega Man, I suck at this game as well, but those who enjoy Mega Man and are actually good at it may actually like this game. Needless to say, my Master System is up and running and waiting for the Everdrive so I can attempt to port Oranges to the Master System. If that guy who makes funny Master System boxes is reading this, you could help me out and make one with nothing but a pair of oranges on it.

It was a fun little diversion, but I think I'll go back to Mah-jong and Columns and Casino Games until I see another interesting and cheap game on eBay.

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