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Questions about Advanced Gravis controller


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I received a box of older equipment from my father in law and he knows I like to collect certain vintage things but vintage computer parts are not my forte. I have been able to figure out what everything else is and about what it's been selling for but I'm stuck on this last piece here.


It's an "Advanced Gravis" Analog Controller For Apple II Series Computers


I've found boxes that look similar but not the same, most of them for IBM and not for Apple II and I've also seen boxes from Gravis that are for Apple II but don't look anything like this. Actually I was hoping this was some older or first edition of the controller since the box looks fairly bland and just has a sticker that says "For Apple II Series Computers" but I'm just not sure so I came here looking for your expert advice!


Thanks for anything you can offer I hope to figure out more about this!







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Had to reread your question. Yeah, not sure if it's a super early example or they just had a run of generic boxes made at one point to accommodate different platforms as the line grew. Looking around, most of the examples shown have the platform printed right on the box, but I did see one with a Tandy sticker. Sorry, not much help. :(

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Basically, that stick will work on any Apple 2 series computer with the paddle controller port in the back. It was just an easier connection as compared to before the //e to connect a joystick or paddles (or tablets like the KoalaPad). The original 2 and the 2 Plus mainly used a socket inside that had a lot of pins on the controller's connector that could easily bend or break.


That stick just needs the DE-9 female in the back. So basically the //e, //c, IIGS, and any compatible clone with the DE-9 female joystick port will work.

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