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dasm hang on repeat macro?


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I've tried 3 versions of dasm (one I just compiled from scratch to be sure), and it keeps hanging/crashing when I try to compile the following: (any or no compile options)

    processor 6502
    org $F000
        repeat 2
    STA $02
    LDA #0
;    STA $02
    jmp Start

    org $FFFC
    .word Start
    .word Start

Whether it not it compiles successfully is completely finicky.
Deleting an extra blank line will fix the problem etc.
Anyone else suffer from this?

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Worked OK on my Mac using DASM 2.20.11.

------- FILE test.asm LEVEL 1 PASS 1
      1  0000       processor 6502
      2  f000       org $F000
      3  f000    Start
      4  f000       repeat 2
      5  f000        85 02       STA $02
      4  f000       repend
      5  f002        85 02       STA $02
      6  f004       repend
      7  f004        a9 00       LDA #0
      8  f006 ;    STA $02
      9  f006        4c 00 f0        jmp Start
     10  f009
     11  f009
     12  fffc       org $FFFC
     13  fffc        00 f0       .word.w Start
     14  fffe        00 f0       .word.w Start
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Thanks guys.

I edit in unix style by default.
That was driving me nuts!

Here's an even simpler example that produces several repeated warning unless I switch do CR/LF , if anyone's interested in a small example:

    processor 6502
    org $F000

        repeat 10
    STA $02
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I changed the fopen() call used to open the assembly source file (and includes) to use binary mode ("rb") instead of text mode. ("r")


For non-POSIX systems, text mode will translate newlines. Unfortunately the functions responsible for reporting/moving the current position within the file (ftell and fseek) don't have a correct definitive behavior when translating newlines. (ie. serious cross-platform bug territory)


The dasm REPEAT/REPEND functionality uses ftell and fseek to bounce around in the assembly code, which made me think of the above being the cause of the bug.


I don't believe there will be ill effects from opening in binary mode. Just in case, I'll leave the above zip up for a week or so, before moving it into the official 7800 assembly dev kit.

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On 12/6/2017 at 9:41 PM, RevEng said:

The problem doesn't reproduce on Linux either, but I gave a theory a shot - does the version inside the attached zip avoid the bug?

7800AsmDevKit.0.6-20171206.zip 1.29 MB · 29 downloads


Is this the most up to date version of DASM around?  If so I'll use it for the DPC+, BUS, and CDFJ examples I'll be posting in the Harmony/Melody Club.



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Best to grab a fresh copy from here.


Since DASM is used by other communities, I suspect there's might be other minorly tweaked releases elsewhere. Mine would be the latest AA-homegrown version, except it's missing your string define patch. I meant to add that, but life got in the way. I'll add it when I get a good chance to test it out, as I need to ensure it doesn't break anything with bB and 7800basic.

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