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Parsing TI/Extended BASIC CALL arguments in assembly or GPL?


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I'm looking at Thierry's page on BASIC argument parsing, and it's atrocious :razz: (the mechanism, not the page). What I get is that I have to use various console routines XML >1x to parse BASIC, and that some routines won't work for Extended BASIC.


Has anyone ever done this successfully and can provide further details?


If I use those XML >1x routines, what are their input arguments, and their result values? What do I have to use for Extended BASIC instead, especially for the symbol table?


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The XB XML routines are explained in EA manual but for more info you can take a look at the XB ROM Source I posted several times. (Attached here)


As for TI Basic ROM XML they are in TI Intern and also in the TI EA Manual.


If you want more info look at the TI GPL PROGRAMMING MANUAL.




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