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An updated SIO2SD?


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As I've been getting reacquainted with my SIO2SD in the past two weeks, I've been thinking how nice a 9- or 10-line display would be for it. With 8 lines for the drives visible at one time and 1 or 2 lines for the status, you would almost never have to load the XEX selector file. Of course, using the selector file is not to much of an issue, since it can be loaded from a hard drive or (likely) a ramdisk. That is one of the things I like about the SIO2SD -- it plays nice with hard drives.


I got an email from an Atari friend who mentioned an updated SDrive (SDrive Max) using a fairly big screen to show the 4 drives, so I thought I'd mention the SIO2SD idea here. Prices have come down a lot on small LCD screens, and perhaps the SIO2SD could be done with Arduino? I don't know if that would save very much money over an Atmega? And perhaps this overlaps a lot with the SIO2Arduino, I guess there are a lot of possibilities with modern, inexpensive devices that can interface with our Ataris. The SIO2SD is pretty cool, and I think it would be even better with a bigger screen and more drive info.



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arduino is an atmega, and on low quantity orders the difference in cost tween a 28 pin atmega, and a 40 pin atmega is not a bunch


that being said I just use the boot option that displays everything on the atari's screen

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