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Deviceside.com floppy controller

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Getting hard to. Find reliable drives (USD 1050) to read old disks.


IDK, I've had more trouble finding reliable old disks to be read with my working drives (1050 and otherwise) than the other way around...

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Would depend on the software bundled with it and

by the overpriced appearance of the item itself,

I doubt very much it has anything except the bare

minimum that could qualify as meeting stated claims.

And that would be the end of support.

They don't have a list of compatible formats it

can read ONLY? Doesn't smell nice here.


I would expect MAYBE DD DOS2 disks possible,

but nothing else is very likely. And the numbers

of those I have is negligible while already doable

by other means like MS-DOS on Win98.


3 times the money will get you kryoflux well known

to do just about anything Atari. Along with everything



Just my opinion but I smell a raw money grab on this

one. Certainly would save my money up for the much

better kryoflux if I needed to go here.

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