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AlgoMusic running non-stop on YouTube


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Thanks to RobSmithDev over at Amiga.org for pointing this out: AlgoMusic runing non-stop on YouTube.


You really must check this out, even if for just a few minutes just to admire the musicality of what the program creates.


From Aminet:

Ever been tired of looking into your soundmodule-directory and yawning
your head off because you've heard all your mods thousands of times? Well,
here is the ultimate solution!

AlgoMusic is quite a complex program that creates and plays a song
randomly out of a series of algorithms in a Techno/House manner. Just try
it, it sounds nice. :)

AlgoMusic works on every Amiga with at least AmigaOS 2.0 (V36) and about
512 K of free memory. MUI 3.x is required if you want to use the prefs

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