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[SOLD] Sega 32x w/Cosmic Carnage


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I don't know the technical details about what functional contribution each piece makes, but it does require a cable out of the Genesis into the 32x then out of the 32x into the TV. I have a ridiculously clunky cable intended for who-knows-what that I used in between for testing.

I found the cheapest and most expensive sold, comparable packages on eBay and priced toward the lower end. So, I hope it's a fairly good deal for the buyer.

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I think I need another wire for this but I'm unsure. I keep getting the game with no characters, just backgrounds.


FYI - I just confirmed that this is what happens if I set up mine with the output directly from the Genesis, with no secondary cable in between.


Apparently, the 32x does additional graphics rendering and combines that with the graphics generated by the Genesis console.


But, if I take just the output of the 32x to the TV without the cable in between, the video appears to have sync problems. It's probably synced with the Genesis graphics through some internal signal and only the Genesis signal includes the sync signals that the TV can use.

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