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FS: Two fully decked out vintage Pentium PC's


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Well, it has been one heck of a week. My Dad passed away yesterday afternoon and it was not expected. My brother picked up all of the expenses for the funeral, casket, etc today and being that I live on literally a week to week basis I wasn't able to contribute. So, I am selling off two PC's that I have recently restored and upgraded in order to try to get some funds back over to him.



1. Gateway 2000 P5-120: This has been upgraded with a Pentium 180MHz overdrive processor, a Rendition Verite V2200 video card, USB card, Soundblaster Live! Gold, Promise EIDE controller card connected to both a 40GB and 80GB hard drive, a CF to IDE adapter with an 8GB card with a custom Windows 98 and DOS multi boot setup that is accessible from the front of the machine, new old stock Gateway keyboard and new old stock Gateway mouse. The floppy drive has been replaced with a Gotek drive as well for USB floppy image support The machine is in excellent condition, works great and is pretty much the ultimate DOS and early Windows gaming PC. I worked really hard on this one. $300


2. Custom built Pentium III Slot 1 750MHz - This is another machine I recently built. This time I tried for all NEW parts. I obtained a brand new Intel 440BX motherboard, new old stock 384MB of ram, new old stock case, new DOM (disk on module) industrial 32GB IDE SSD, added a new 160GB IDE drive, new old stock Quadro2 video card, Hercules 5.1 PCI sound card, front slot loading Pioneer DVD rom unit, new Corsair PSU....and probably more that I am forgetting. It is vintage, but it is new...and it is absolutely awesome. Another one that I worked really hard on and was very meticulous with the build. This will not disappoint, and I am asking less than what I paid (actually in both the above machine and this one). This one comes with a new old stock white keyboard and mouse as well. ME is installed and fully configured. Same price, $300.



If anyone wants one of these please PM me. Sorry for the lack of pictures as it has been a hectic week as you would imagine. If you want one, please PM me and let me know. They are both kind of heavy and depending on where you are located in the USA we are probably looking at anywhere from, $30 to $60 to ship. Thank you all.

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My sympathies to you! How very sad.


On another note....


That Gateway 2000 P5-120 - I remember looking at the ads and wanting one of those very badly at the time, but couldn't afford one! I had previously blown it all on a 486 DX4/100 and in those days, it took a long time to recover from a new PC purchase.


Good luck with the sale, and best wishes to you.

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