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So I thought it had been a while, thought I'd look up "game.com" on eBay. I almost bought the web link cartridge for $17 or so until I realized that it also had a kit needed. This was just the cartridge. So I passed. Which is the only interesting thing on eBay right now regarding the game.com.

I plugged in my game.com. It froze during the intro. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. It began working good after that. One thing I like about it is the high score keep function. Unfortunately, I lost my high score for Scrabble (either that or it doesn't save it.) I played Williams Arcade Classics. I played Robotron: 2084. I got over 100,000 points and a game over on wave 11. I was amazed at how many things the game.com was displaying on the screen all at once. A little too much stuff perhaps, as I had a hard time getting to the edge whenever I died. I like to go to the borders and shoot at the middle of the screen. I don't know whether that's the best strategy or not.

The game.com holds a special place in my heart as the last game I needed was a gift from my online friends who spent a lot of money on it. I am eternally owed to them. Only it, the ill-fated Leapfrog Didj and the Microvision are the only consoles which I have complete collections for. Well, all the U.S. Microvision games anyway, I don't have the Super Casse Brique. (sp?) So anyway, I will never sell my game.com and if it dies, I need to get a new one. The calendar was acting weird once, but other than that it has been fairly good to me in the way of working. I've saved a spare cart in case anyone ever atempts to make a homebrew game for it, but I doubt that's ever going to happen, which is odd because people have made homebrew games for the Pokemon Mini, and it's even rarer.

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