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Sea of Thieves! (Argh..This Ain't Your Granddaddy's Pirates!)

Major Havoc 2049

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Although if it's as good as Sid Meier's Pirates!, we are in for a treat!


Sea of Thieves has been given a release date of March 20, 2018 and Microsoft also announced a limited edition controller.

Sea of Thieves is a Play Anywhere (Xbox One and PC) and Cross-Play (Xbox One and PC) title, and also an Xbox One X enhanced title.




Box Art





Sweet Pirate Booty with Glow in the Dark Skull




Sea of Thieves FAQ


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This game has my attention. Hey Major will you have the fee time to play this with all the Destiny 2 DLC coming out? :-)

The way Destiny works is that as soon as the DLC comes out, you play it like mad, 4-8 hours per day, for two weeks strait, and then you go into forums and make Youtube videos complaining there is no content until the next DLC drops. Everyone puts 1000+ hours into Destiny and complains about the lack of content. Such is the life of Destiny. ;-p


I am curious if this is going to have a single player mode. All the videos I have seen have revolved around the multiplayer. If you're into online gaming then it seems like it'll be a blast to play.

There is no traditional single player campaign, but there will be two ships when the game launches, a sloop and a galleon. The sloop can be sailed by one or two people. So you will be able to take to the high seas solo and play the game.



Rare made a video about the sloop and the single player experience. It actually sounds like it will be fun to solo. I guess one week on the beta they had sloops in the game world. I was reading some of the comments on reddit, and it seemed like people were enjoying sailing solo in the game and it was a totally different experience from sailing with a crew on a large ship.


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I'm really enjoying Sea of Thieves. The game is a blast with friends. If anyone wants to join me on the high seas, my GT is MajorHavoc 2049.

I agree with you 100 percent. I play this with my son (who is in the Navy and stationed halfway across the country from me) and an old friend of mine and we love it. I know the media coverage has been negative so far, but this is an absolute hoot to play with a group.


Oh, and GT = ecnobles for anyone wanting to join us scurvy dogs...

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