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Hello guys,

unfortunately, I am rarely here in the forum, rather in the german Atari-home.de forum, because my English is sometimes under the pig.

I would like to inform you that new Thunder and Storm types are now available again, about 10 pairs. This is the last batch for now, as the Thunderstorm team wants to focus on the Lightning VME and further developments for the wonderful TT.


If you have not heard of it, you can inform here:




and here



If you are interested in the Thunderstorm, contact me (Matthias) directly at thunderstorm@tuxie.de, so that we can clarify the rest together there.

The price is higher than the first cards, because the components have become expensive and the revenues are also used to refinance the Lightning VME. I hope you heard about it ?!

The complete package for a Thunderstorm Set is 160 Euro. There is a discount on the purchase of 2 or more sets. Of course you can also buy a Thunder or a Storm individually. Then the price is 80 euros per card.

The set of course brings the maximum performance.

For that you get per set:

- 1 Thunder card with current firmware and prepared cable
- IDE cable with a tap
- 1 storm card with current firmware and 2 x 32 MB FPM Ram, already set
- english instructions with links to German and English installation instructions and pictures
- if desired, 1 set of TOS ROMS version 3.06 in the language of your choice (German, English (UK or US), Spanish, Swedish, French) and several patches included (IDE Boot, NewLogo, RamSizeFit, Winx2.3n / Arrowfix, SHBuffer , BPatch, new TOS dialog)
- antistatic packaging
- shipping worldwide included
- help if there are problems

Best regards and thank you for the interest and your support.

Be curious about what's going to happen soon!

TT - the better Atari.

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