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Can "sealed" Intellivision shells be re-used?


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Have you tried using a hair dryer to soften up the glue, or sticking them in Goo B Gone for awhile?

i didnt try goo gone, but a heat gun does not work. The method i posted takes about 3 seconds with no damage. I tried quite a few methods to see the best way and this was it. I dont have anymore glued cases to test goo gone on. But im not sure how effective goo gone is on super glue. The way i see it, this is the fastest method so i personally wouldnt waste any costly fluids or longer time on this. This is far faster than unscrewing cases too.
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nope. I havent gotten anymore of them. Anyhow i tested several tools and methods for opening the sealed carts and found the best one. The backs are super glued on the sides and posts.


This is the plastic spudger you want to use. I can send you several if you need them.




The bottom side has tabs so stick the spudger in the top side.




Now push down the back of the spudger making the back cover bow a little. Then shove the spudger in farther.




Now that the spudger is in between the 2 post put more pressure down on the back of the spudger until the back pops off. Now you can see they super glued part of the sides and the posts.




You can now replace the boards and put the backs back on. However, due to the original super glue you need to put the backs on the cart shells they came from.

Cool. ?? Three things. Firstly, I have never heard the word spudger. Secondly, is that a real word? Thirdly, thank you for saying it 50 times in your post. ?

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Excellent tutorial! I have done the same using a jeweler's screwdriver and working my way across the front of the cart. The tool you use is much nicer and faster though for people that might do a lot of these at once, like homebrew makers. I have found that just super gluing the posts when I'm done is more than enough to reseal the case and keep the board from rattling inside.


As a side note, I opened up an extra Donkey Kong cart with an already damaged label. While the screws are hidden underneath the label they come out quite easily and the boards are just as easy to remove as any Mattel cart. The Coleco boards do have a different layout so Mattel style ones are not interchangeable. Should a homebrew publisher wish to use Coleco shells they would need to have the boards manufactured to match. I figure there are so many DK and Carnival loose carts out there that this may appeal to someone, assuming using a different board layout isn't an issue.

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Cool. ?? Three things. Firstly, I have never heard the word spudger. Secondly, is that a real word? Thirdly, thank you for saying it 50 times in your post. ?

lmao. Yes spudger is a real word for a metal or plastic tool designed to pry open electronics. And you are welcome. I laughed myself the first 50 times i heard it. Its one of those awesome words like poop. Except this word didnt get designated to something shitty. ?
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