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Another demo: "40years" by Flush et al


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Maybe we should just have a Sillyventure thread for these :)


Anyway, Flush, visy and me did a demo celebrating 40 years of the VCS. Pouet page with ROM download is here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=72719


YouTube below for the lazy ones:



My contribution was the framework of the demo and the new graphics mode. I might do a writeup on the latter, and how my encoder works. Nothing fancy, but might give some people new ideas how to do things

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I like it. :thumbsup:


BTW: The hires graphic (1:44) style looks pretty familiar to the graphics from BC 2600. Just a coincidence or the same artist?


Nope, different artists and different modes. If you look closely using Stella you should spot the difference, but the short of it is 2600 BC uses one unique color per line for P0 and P1, is 48 pixels across, 1-line kernel. Plus black background. My mode (in 40years) does two unique foreground colors per line in 4x1 attributes, is 40 pixels across, 2-line kernel, plus a fixed background that varies between images.

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I could go for a whole cartridge/album of demo music like that. :music:




Funny you should say that: Vcs music cart vol 1 by Flush



And if you like it, build your own! This asm prog loads all TIATracker (*.ttt) files in the folder supplied or if none, the current directory, and builds a 32Kb VCS music cart from them: https://github.com/g012/l65/blob/master/samples/vcs_mcart.l65

Build with "l65 vcs_mcart.l65 [path]", using l65 assembler: https://github.com/g012/l65/releases/tag/v1.2.1

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