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Help! going mad, wii emulators


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hi guys i am putting emu's on my wii. i had them all working but now the wii7800 and wiihandy are not working . when i select a game to play/load the screen just goes black. if I press home it goes back to the load rom page. what am/have I done wrong. I uninstalled them and downloaded them again , reinstalled them but still same , any help appreciated x

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Silly question but did you delete all traces of the emulator from the SD card? Whatever is mucking up the emulation coukd still be there.


Also, have you tried removing any emulators you added after you put wii7800 and wiihandy on?


Last thing to try would be to set up another SD card, put your emulators on it but the leave the two problem children for last. That way if there's some shared file that got overwritten before, you shpuld be able to avoid that now.

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