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Finally scored a Famicom converter!

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About damn time I found one! After sifting through many 5 screw carts at the local game shops, only to see that the contacts were symmetrical. Tonight, with baby in tote, we ventured into one of the local shops and seen a Gyromite sitting on top of a stack of carts. I figured it was one I had already inspected long ago, but no! The contacts happened to be asymmetrical! I flip it over to check the other side, to make sure I'm seeing straight, still asymmetrical. Dropped the 8 bucks down and off we went. I've been sitting on Densetsu no Kishi - Elrond(JP Wizards & Warriors) and now I can put it to use. :P



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Yeah go back five years plus before people got all wacked out predatory for any excuse on old NES games and gyromite was dirt cheap so people would just cut/melt the plastic away above where the brace for the adapter screws into the plastic and went with it that way like a ghetto honeybee adapter since those were and still are more expensive.

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I was going to say, why not just buy a converter? Their cheap and readily available on a lot of sites. Now back in the day...

Thinking about this more, this is the way I would go at this point. They are cheap now, and multiple companies are making them.


I find it more of a curiosity that the converters came in US carts, and finding them is cool, but aren't Famicom carts hard to take apart without breaking them?

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Yeah! I popped the top and RF shield off since I tested it out with no shell. Had lines on the title screen, but I cleaned the Famicom cart's contacts and that cleared it up. The 3D printer shell is just outside the print area unless i stand it on edge. I'm a little worried on printing it like that. Has a better chance of getting knocked over. I'll either try it like that, or get an extended bed. :P

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Well this is kinda weird. I just posted a topic on this before seeing yours. I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I was not pleased with the thingaverse options So I made my own solution. I also 3d print check out my "Bumble" here.




Not to toot my own horn but I feel it's much better than the thingaverse options. I tried one and even though it worked I ended up having to fish games out of my toaster.

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