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The year 2000 is officially retro


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Retro to me is when you look back and can see definite stylistic differences. It seems like 15 years is about right.


Like for instance in the late 2000s, I'd wonder why new music still sounded like 90s music, then a few years later, I'd be wondering why new music sounded so funny.


I first noticed this while working on the yearbook staff in high school and browsing through the old year books. I could look back 5 year or even 10 years and the style the kids wore wasn't drastically different than current style. But if I went back 15 years or more, the kids may as well have been aliens from another planet.


So 2000 being retro? Yeah I can see that now.

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If you still remember when 2000 was "the future" then you're definitely retro :D


20 years as cutoff for something being retro sounds right, 18 is not too far from that, and I guess 15 is borderline. We are arriving soon to an era where the PS3 will be retrogaming...

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It's weird how, in my head at least, any year in the 1990s seems like so long ago yet 2000 seems relatively recent. I don't feel like I dress any differently now than I did back then, with the exception of my eyeglasses' frames. In the late 80s and early 90s I had such huge aviator-looking glasses.

Everybody did. Looking back and 80s and 90s vids, frames looked huge! Seemed normal then.

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To me, the dividing line is 9/11. Pre-9/11 seems like such a long time ago, and the world has changed a lot since then - yet I have coworkers who were small kids then, and don't know that difference.


Yeah, 2000 was the "height" of modern civilization (according to the original Matrix movie) and after 9/11 it all went downhill.




R.I.P. 90's

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