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So I have to redesign the whole game if I want to get it published anywhere. First of all what I did was remove the game ending at 500 points. Now it's a see-how-long-you-can-survive-type game. Second I added somw blinking lights on the machine. Redesigned the machine, room, and guy. The lights on the machine blink at random, just like on a real machine.That was one of the things I had trouble with.

First I thought I should use sprites for them. But when that didn't work, I just thought to add them to the background and turn them on and off via printf. That worked. Time to test it on a real Game Boy. That proved hard to do also as my Everdrive was acting weird. It finally quit after the third try and started behaving itself. I don't really know what to do here. I just blanked out the floor so you can see the guy animation better.

So anyway, this is what the game looks like now.

And I've been sleeping all day too. I slept all day Thursday and woke up at 10pm. But if I didn't need 12 hours of sleep every night, I wouldn't actually sleep it, would I?
I've decided to get back into the Game Boy. And collecting. But not now. I'll wait until December 26 to order stuff again.

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