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The guy who i tried to get to publish my Game Boy game said I needed to go back and start a new game from scratch with a better idea. Well, that is a problem because I don't have one. At least one I can fit into 32k. So I decided to go back to work on Oranges, even though it will probably never make it to a cartridge release. So I decided to update the colors of the Orange-O-Matic screen. I had come up with one but the score was printed on a white background and the rest was on a light gray. So I reversed the light gray to white and white to light gray and then updated the palette. It looks a little dark on my GBC where I tested it on.

I went to the used video game store. Slim pickings for Game Boy games. I got a Switch game. Haven't tried it yet. There were 2 copies of Doom for Switch. It must not be very good. So anyway, work continues on Oranges. This is what it looks like now:
I guess I could do a Tempest-like game. I guess people don't really like games with fruit in them. Which is odd because Pac-Man and Wonder Boy have a whole bunch of it and people seemed to like them. I guess people would rather shoot alien UFOs. What do you think?

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