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setting up my 2600 - problems


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ok picked 2 x 2600's the other day one the totally black one, and one wood grain to relive my youth


not totally sure if they work, but was informed that they do.


on hooking both of them up to a tv, I can only recieve black screens.


i have tried different games, controllers, tv's but to no avail


the woodgrain 2600 has a built in aerial lead, and I was using the aerial lead from something else for the black one.


any ideas what could be wrong?


I do have another rf lead on its way to test out


could it be the system? leads? power pack?




(oh and one thing can someone clear up which system is the ataro 2600 junior?? the totally black one or the one with the silver stripe? cheers.)


please post and email your reply as I am a memebr of an increasing number of forums and its hard to keep up. thanks

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hummm I never had a problem with a console, but usually the carts are dirty, and with some sand paper i like to clean the connector and that usually always works. You might want to try with a can of compress air and clean the console connector.

Hope this helps



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Since you are only getting a black screen on all the different games you try, it doesn't sound like dirty cartridges, these usually result in random displays on the screen. If you are getting snow on the TV when the game is off, then a black display when it's on, then you are getting power to the 2600. You may want to open up the 2600 and make sure the IC chips are pushed firmly down into thier sockets, loose chips could cause this problem.


Also, a note on cleaning cartridges connectors, using sandpaper is not a good idea, to abrasive. The best best is alcohol on a towel or q-tip. If this isn't enough, try a pencil eraser, then repeat the alcohol cleaning.



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