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"StarTrek" -- a slight graphic/music hack on Starmaster


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This is a learning curve for me since this is my first hack on the Atari 2600. I have just finished this short hack if anyone interesting checking it out. I have also uploaded a short video of the hack on YouTube (about 2 minutes long) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opH1LTcDqkY


This is a hack on a rom called "STARMASTER" which was originally conceived and designed by Alan Miller from Activision 1982.


The hack is simply titled "StarTrek" which is based on the original television show.


The simple changes are the followings:

1) Enemy Ship is changed to resemble a Klingon Battlecruiser (Graphic)
2) Starbase is slightly changed (Graphic)
3) Bottom logo and copyright are changed to reflect the 'hack' (Graphic)
4) Slight color changes on the bottom playfield (Graphic)
5) The introduction music is changed close to the music theme of Star Trek (Sound)


Author of this Hack: Guy Babin
The year the hack was done: 2017




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Thanks, Arenafoot. I have noticed there is a slight graphic glitch on one of the frame of the enemy ship. If you watch closely on the video, it's there. I know it's hardly noticeable but it still puzzle me why it's doing it. I have looked at the graphic hack (using BitHacker) to see what's gong on but I cannot seem to find the 'extra block' data on that frame (there isn't any as far I can tell). I wish the source code was converted to batari basic. Assembly language is not my cup of tea anyway.

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