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PAL version of Toyshop Trouble


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In these festive times just before Christmas I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a PAL rom of this great little game floating around. It is on my list to purchase but havent got to it yet. There are so many good Homebrew games coming out. I only just got Chetiry and it is awesome. The fact you can save your score is amazing on the Atari.

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Yes, that is correct and I would also assume there is a rom out there but I have had no luck finding one. I found one that was labelled PAL but didnt that didnt turn out to be correct. I have only just started collecting homebrews and Toyshop Trouble is on my list. I really like the idea of owning the cartridges but progress is a little slow mainly because they are expensive due to postage costs to get them to me in Australia. My list also keeps building as great games keep being released which is the best kind of problem to have. Games recently released such as Super Cobra Arcade, Draconian and Assembloids are incredible and demand purchase. I am just hoping to get some time in playing Toyshop Trouble before I purchase it later and if there isnt a rom available then I will just have to wait.

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I checked the private 2006 Holiday Cart forum and believe the ROM in topic PAL-60 minigame scan lines is the final PAL60 build.


I just realized--when I patched Bob's minigame to work in the banked cart (with the digits table in the other bank) I added a scan line above the score. Not a problem with NTSC, but I think that would break PAL-60, wouldn't it?

Here's a binary which should match the released one except for a change to a TIM64T value to reduce scan lines to 262.
The game wouldn't be much fun if colors didn't work, would it?
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I renamed it from conv0840.bin:



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