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A Reminder About Variable Aliases (DIMs)

Random Terrain

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If you think you'll ever want anyone to help with your code, be sure to have an alias for every variable that is used in your program (using dim). Your aliases should be near the beginning of your code (so they will be easy to find) and the list should be in alphabetical order (so it will be easy to see how many variables are free to use).



dim _Broomstick = a
dim _Flying_Monkey = b
dim _Auntie_Em = c
dim _Scarecrow_Dance = d

When every variable has an alias and all aliases are near the beginning of your program in an alphabetical list, you (and anyone else that might have to read your code) will be able to easily see the variables you are using and which variables are free to use. Please do not sprinkle DIMs throughout your code. Keep them all together in an alphabetical list near the beginning of your program.

Speaking of aliases, I put one underscore in front of variable aliases and two underscores in front of labels. Then I don't have to worry if I'm using a bB keyword by mistake and I'll never have to worry if a label has the same name as a variable alias.
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