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FS-Nintendo N64 System


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Any Questions-Just Ask!


Is it 50 shipped or 50 plus shipping ?


If you don't like the price,then don't buy it!


Stay out of my posts from now on.


Where's the "ignore" feature on this forum?I'd like to put it to use.


Good job answering questions.


LOL Dude WTF is your price???? We still do not know.


Is it $50 shipped or $50 PLUS shipping.


In all seriousness you suck at selling.

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I've answered that question to all interested parties already.Shipping is not included.


The 2 you mention have no interest in buying.They are just wasting my time.I don't need their help in selling my stuff


You can totally recover this by just switching to a different tactic. Just reply politely, answer direct questions and indicate you appreciate the help but are going to keep the pricing as-is. Part of the appeal of this board are the opinions and interactions that come from long-term users. It can come across as a bit grouchy sometimes, but that is easily re-directed with a little extra patience.


BTW - it simply doesn't work to tell people to leave your posts. This is an open message board where topics are discussed with the entire community. People will disagree with you constantly, so be prepared and stay polite and patient and you will come off well.



<Also - free bump>

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