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But I still have a lot to do before it becomes fun (or what I think is fun, anyway.) I have been working on Ten Pest again. I got the UFO moving towards the middle. If it gets to it, the game ends and "GAME OVER" displays at the bottom and there's an explosion sound and the rocket disappears. I also made it so when the game is over, pressing start goes back to the title screen. Unfortunately I couldn't make the ending score display at the title screen as well. I think it has something to do with the font file I'm using. Also, pressing and holding start at the title screen, the music still plays and the rocket goes up. Unpressing Start begins the game.

The noises changed unexpectedly. I don't know why. So I changed the code to better suit the changed noises. What's next? I think I'll work on making the UFO shoot. Although not all of them will be able to, just a test to see if I can do it. I think I'll make it so if you shoot the alien's missile, the missile disappears. It'd be a little bit more code, but not much. I also changed all the ints to unsigned chars so that's good. The only ints are "score" and "musictimer". I wish there was a variable in C that would just be either 1 or 0. I'm using a few variables that just use the values 0 or 1 to make parts of code work or not work.

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