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Early Christmas present: Jungle Jack


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Hi everyone,


Two days early for Christmas time, please find attached the release version of Jungle Jack.

Now including music and sound effects thanks to Karri. Graphics contributions by 108 Stars.

This is for fun and personal use only. Meant as a tribute to a game it might resemble somewhat. Cannot be used to sell for money.

Hope you enjoy it.


Alex "LX"




P.S. If you are interested in the source code, you might find it here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273439-source-code-for-jungle-jack/

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Great contribution to the scene!


I don't recall how the original 2600 games play - that was a long time ago - but jumping over the crocodile seems a bit unfair (or maybe I'm just bad :D).

What original? ;)

And one of life's lessons learned from games: you cannot be bitten by a crocodile when you stand at the top of his head. :D

What about reskinning the game a bit, adding a title screen and some music and make it more "official"?

Moving on to finishing my next project for the Lynx. The source code is available. Feel free to enhance. :)
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