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Atari Trak-Balls

high voltage

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FWIW there are actually two versions of the first Trak-Ball. One looks as shown on the box, and there's another variant that actually says "Atari 2600 Proline" instead.



I think they're cool, but now wanna find the missing version I Haven't got...

Here's what I was talking about:




Also, it seems it had its own box:




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In addition, Synapse Software's SLIME! can also use Trak-Ball mode and the same trick applies: press CTRL-T before you start a game. But other than those two titles, no other vintage titles do.

Have you played the cart version of slime? Someone on the board said the disk version of slime could use the trackball but the cart version could not. This seems dubious to me after all the contradicting theories about trackballs posted over the years.

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Which platform is that hack for?


I have discussed this a couple of times here and there in the context of enhancing an add-on I built for the 5200 trackball that lets it hook up to the 2600 as a trackball (also tested and proven on XEGS) but I hadn't seen a hacked version of Missile Command to tinker with.


I don't want to hack holes in my CX-53 so I had thought it might be cool to make a "sidecar" type of enclosure to hang the extra button on the outside of the controller, next to the built in two buttons, or maybe put three arcade buttons in a separate enclosure to keep the buttons consistent. One should be able to do an external set of buttons that just plugs in between the controller and the console.


Let us know how it works out.

It was done for the 800 and 5200 by a guy named Paul Lee. You can grab a copy here.


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Neat, guess I have to look out for one of those...


Wonder why the track ball is yellow, but on the box shown white. Surely couldn't be 'yellowing'?

Yes, extreme yellowing. The easiest thing to do if you don't like the yellow is just replace the ball with a new one from ebay (2.25 inch, i think) or use a regulation pool ball, if you like.

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