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HBVision - New Colecovision


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Hi to all

I'm proud to present my 1st working Coleco proto.

Here the currents specs :


-1KB RAM internal

-BIOS internal

-VDP with VGA output, scanlines can be disabled

-VRAM internal

-1 slot

-1 keyboard matrix

-1 arcade stick

Please enjoy this short video.

Wish you a merry Xmas

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Many thanks for your interest !


Any option for 2 player?


Yes for shure.

Would you be selling these in the future?


Yes certainly.

What about SGM compatibility?


I can't speak now about next prototype capabilities.

Next prototype is under processing ;)

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Some new prototype photos.

No change with capabilities for now except Coleco joystick compatibility.


Enjoy Donkey Kong running on HBVISION with a diy 16in1 cartridge. :lust:


I imagine it is wishful thinking to add a 7800 port with true +5 VCC that can supply 100mA on pin 7 and true ground on pin 8, so you can play games with other controllers using powered adapters. Can a 7800 type controller be used with both buttons (not simultaneously, I suppose) on a Colecovision controller socket without the signal pulses that normally come from pin 8 and 5? The easiest part would be replacing the quadrature dection on pin 7 with the +5V VCC. The 7800 controllers can still use pin 8 as a ground on a CV, but I don't know how it would handle voltage/current on it if pin 8 is swinging between 4V and -0.7V.


May just having to stick to emulation to use the myriad of playstation, nintendo and usb PC controllers and racing wheels, like you can for atari.

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Joystick compatibility is a big problem with Coleco cause it's keypad..

For now I keep original joystick connectors and later I'll make an arcade stick with keypad.


Yesterday I add SGM to my proto as you can see in this photo :


or this vidéo :


Prototype is nearly finished :grin:

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Wow your project is starting to look pretty amazing! I have been so tired of my old Colecovision hardware, and what do you know, a few options appear on the screen.


I am liking all 3 of the new colecovision hardware replacements, and plan to support all 3 of them.


I am looking forward to seeing what they all offer, and to tupperware my Coleco console for the longterm!

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