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Christmas Eve sale from Songbird!


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Special Atari Jaguar cartridge and CD games are $10 off from December 24th to December 26th, including:

Iron Soldier 2 CD


Soccer Kid / Frog Feast combo cart

World Tour Racing CD

... and more!

Just look for the highlighted items in the Songbird catalog, and place your order today. Offer valid only while supplies last.

Have a very merry Christmas, Atari fans!

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I don't normally offer non-Priority shipping internationally, however I will make an exception for this sale for international AtariAge users provided the following:

  • The order is being shipped to a destination outside North America
  • The order contains only one item, and it is a CD game
  • You accept full liability if the item is lost or damaged in transit

If you agree to those terms, place the order normally with 1CDSHIPPING in the PayPal instructions, and I will manually refund $20 for each qualifying order.

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Been eyeing your Soccer Kid/Frog Fest cart on ebay. BTW, never realized how long you have been a member on ebay, since 1996...wow :)


I had a mid-1990s Ebay account that I just found out was deleted. It's their policy to remove accounts after two years of inactivity *with no notification.* I confirmed it with two different Ebay reps. All that reputation... gone.


Obviously I've never signed back up.

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