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Today I worked on Ten Pest again. What I did was introduce different kinds of UFOs each with their own traits. Since I can't possibly design 10 different ones, I'm going to change the meaning of Ten Pest. The new meaning is each wave has ten groups of ten UFOs to shoot at. When you complete a wave, a special sound will occur and you'll move on to the next wave. I want it to say "WAVE 2" at the beginning of the second wave, for example, with the maximum amount of waves being 10. Perhaps THAT could mean the new meaning of Ten Pest. I already have in the code the highest score you can get is 999,900. (I haven't gotten that.)

So I will have four kinds of UFOs. Two will shoot at you and two won't. Two will follow you and two won't. I have 3/4 of the different kinds in the game already. The game is moving along good. And I have lots of room to spare, which seems kind of weird since it's a complex game now. I'm up to address 4Exx out of 6FFE (I think 6FFE is the limit for a 32k game.) The game's code starts at 4000. So not very much code and not very much space. Good.

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