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Mini-Game: Snow Flakes (Merry Christmas everyone)

JC Software

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I made a goal to make a game for Christmas eve (in one day) on batari basic. I didn't have to much time so the game isn't really that great, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

  • Press fire to start the game
  • Use the select switch the quit back to the menu (your score will reset to 0)
  • Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your paddle
  • Right Difficulty Switch to alter the height of the cloud

It's Christmas time, and your outside as a paddle catching snow flakes, but watch out these snow flakes are tricky.

If one snow flake falls on the snowy floor, your toast!!!








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I'm currently working on a breakout type game with the paddle, but I took a break and made a much simpler paddle game for Christmas.

Originally missile0 and missile1 were suppose to be other snow flakes, so there would be 3 on screen at a time, but the missiles were giving me trouble, and one snow flake was hard enough (on difficulty A) so that's why I used joystick only, because the paddle gets rid of missile1

(You already know that though) :-D

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