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how do i missed this?


thanks, i will add it immediatly to the list of homebrews to play using LTO Flash!


great box art (damned i was to slow...)


ah i still can make my own one...




i have a couple of boxes to use on the computer or else.


i liked to finish the task first but it can take a while until i reworked all and created some for all the BASIC games, recently they are small gifs (512x700 8bit depth), which still look better as a heavy compressed garbled .jpg of the quadruple size.


i will load them up and start a new topic nonetheless.

i will load up both, the full sized .png which is to large to be useful as icon or to attach them. and the sized down .gif to use as icon or to attach to a file / folder.


it's pretty cool using the boxes as folder symbols, you open the "box" (folder) and in it is the "cartridge" (the batch you start the game from), the manual (for which i created also images of the same look, but one can use the manuals title page, but i felt out they are to inconsistent in look and size and for text only manuals you have no title page anyway) and the overlays (i also rework them as far as possible, some are based on high-res scans i made myself, some are creations of my own because i don't see a use of a artificial blurred and altered image just to let it look like used, that's a bit stupid imho. if you make a clean overlay it's still to recognize whats on it if it's sized 256pixels in height, but if it's blurred or looks like a backprint like the real overlays they won't be to read in this size and you wil have to open it in a image viewer. but i don't want this i want the overlay close to the game and in a way that i can read and identify what's on it.



further - but this is a even quite longer task, i started to make "refernece cards" for the LTO Flash.

the space for the manuals is such tiny that one will appreciate such "reference cards" where the overlay (layout) stays on top of the file, if one likes to fresh up his memory.

a brief instruction will follow, because well with the limited rows of the intellivision you need two hours to read the manual for "AD&D ToT" as example.




example LTO Flash cartridge instructions:


  |    |    |    | 
  |*** | ** |  * | 
U +----+----+----+ U
N |    |    |    | N
< |****|    |    | >
  |    |    |    | 
< |    |    |    | >
O +----+----+----+ O
M |    |CALL|    | M
B |    |ENEMY    | B
  |FLIP|    |FLIP| 

(For 1 player)

You're piloting a
biplane through
enemy territory.
Drop bombs on
factories and
ammunition depots.
Engage enemy
helicopters in
dogfights to the


You have only one 
chance to destroy as
many enemy targets
as possible.
Maneuver the plane
droping bombs or
firing the guns to
hit the targets.
Each hit scores
points that will
displayed when the
game ends. Sadly to
say… this is when
you crash your plane 
or when you get hit
by a enemies bullet.

Title will appear on 
TV screen.

[3] - Slowest
[2] - Slow
[1] - Average
DISC/any key - Fast


Flips the plane
upside down. When
the plane is turned
right side up, it
will be facing the
opposite direction.
Keep in mind that
the DISC works in
the opposite

Call enemy
helicopters, pressed 
once enemy
helicopters will
chase you until you
press 0 again.
(a whistle sound
reports thecommand)

Fires gun. Only two
shots may be in the
air at one time.

Drop bombs. Only one 
bomb may be in the
air at one time.
It's trajectory
depends on the speed 
and direction the
plane is moving.

When the plane is
flying upright and
from left to right,
pressing the LEFT
side of the disc
turns the plane
upward and the RIGHT 
side turns the plane 
downward. When the
plane is flying
upright and from
right to left,
pressing the RIGHT
side of the disc
turns the plane
upward and the LEFT
side turns the plane


©1979, 1998
Productions, Inc.

gernot schrader

with the intellivision font and the smaller line spacing the overlay layout will look quite better.

the instruction itself could be even shorter.

what one needs basically is the







it's quite unfair a biplane vs. a "super puma"


the overlay for air strike (2nd edition):

edit: 3rd edition, i made one many years ago and even if i wasn't a child it looks like a child has drawn it, must be the "snail, turtle, rabbit" symbols i used then for the speeds.





the "boxes" (folders)



inside a opened "box" (what's in the folder)



as one can see i'm going that far to even make boxes for folders like "two player" games, but i keep in this way the unified look for all intellivision games, respectively for the folder(s) they reside in.


the only "shit" is i can't set the font and fontcolor for the folders on the mac (also from win7 they removed such possibilities to do it hand edited, i can't tell what's with later windows, in XP (only font color, but background images, which is also cool to place a backgrond image with low contrast into a games folder, on my PC most games appear in this way) and even better in "ME" you had full control over the color and font style for a given folder.

the .ini still exists it's just that most of the settings won't work anymore, which i really never will understand, i don't need to have transparent aero shit, neither i need revolver like folder appearance (i had both for my A4000 when windows users was still dreaming of such, but it has neither made sense back then, it was just something you could say "hey look you windoze user what my <it's not a real computer> can do what your <real computer> can't", like to watch TV in a tiny sizeable and dragable window, useless boasting).


but i really like to manage fonts colors and background arts, this makes sense, not to play but to look at something which fits to the game.

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