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Got my Flashback, just the base version 8, but that's fine

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The fancier HDMI ones probably would have been a waste of money on me.


Haven't hooked it up yet, but did open it to look it over. Pretty cool, but the joysticks seem too cheap and plasticy compared to real ones (which I probably haven't used in 30+ years) that I remember feeling nice and rubbery instead. Oh well, I'll probably use Genesis controllers anyway. Not a huge gripe, just something I noticed. I know real vintage sticks are compatible, I just wish these had the old rubbery feel I remember playing at friends.


And no paddles... Any good options for those other than used or mail order from the company? Any other system's controllers good for those other than the obvious (like the Gemini ones)? Any Sega controllers good for paddle games? What about Flashback INTV/Colecovision pads, do they work?


Merry Christmas (or Happy Channukah if you're a Jew) Hope you got stuff you wanted too.

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Genesis controllers to play Atari? That's blasphemy!


Seriously though, the At Games joysticks are ok. I've used some of my original Atari joysticks as well. I got tired of the SD units and so far the HD units are exactly what I needed. Now if they could just add an SD card slot to play other ROMs, it would be complete in my book!

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I like the Flashback sticks!


But I just Now hooked up some original ones and they are almost too rubbery! OK This one may be a bad example. I tried one out I've never used before and I thought it was going to be a good one...At any rate,...I like Genesis pads, I like Slik Stiks, I like the 7800 Europads, but you know what's even Better? These NES pads modified for 7800 use by DanthWader...




You might have to ask if he's got any left, but what he was doing was selling a black NES pad, modded with a Custom built PCB into a 2 button 7800 pad (Also works on 2600 of course) and they were $25 shipped and really worth it IMO. Just a suggestion.

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I just got a standard FB8 from someone who got a gift they just didn't care for. In playing it today, I find it really isn't that bad. The sticks work, but the longer throw makes them seem sluggish. I did try some real sticks for comparison and they responded even slower. Graphically, it's great, if not damn close to the originals. I did notice Missile Command had some slight differences near the fire base. Control is not perfect, but more than adequate for a fun game playing session. Competition play, no. Super Football played just about perfect. I still have no real defense, lol.

The paddle games are another story. They do play poorly with sticks as an option, but I do have paddles and tried them. I found that Commodore paddles responded better by tiny margin. I also noticed a travel speed/response issue. No matter the set used, movement left is slower than movement right. Major issue in Kaboom!

I give it a C+ due to the paddle problem; without that, maybe a B. :)

Would've really liked to see Enduro, Galaxian, Phoenix, and Battlezone there, but such is life and I'm not a major 2600 gamer anyway.

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