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Harmony Encore - some games roll


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Are there some games that just do not work correctly with the Encore? Some games roll horizontally (Basic Math, Alpha Beam with Ernie, Wings (Prototype)). The games are all NTSC and I've tried downloading from several different sites with the same results.


I did read another thread on this but the original poster there was using a 7800. I am using a 2600 "light sixer".


I just need someone to confirm that these games work correctly with the Encore. Then I can rule out an incorrect/bad ROM and focus on the Encore.


Thank you,


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What type of TV are you using? It's possible the games are not generating the sync signals correctly and newer TVs are not always as tolerant of discrepancies. I know Warlords does it incorrectly, which causes problems with the XRGB-mini.


I'm not familiar with Wings, but I see it's generating 280 scanlines which is 7% out of spec. Scanline counts for NTSC games should be 262. Some TVs are OK with this, but a lot of them aren't and will just roll the picture.



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