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Bad Apple


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Documenting the development of by attempt to bring Bad Apple to the Jaguar. I am satisfied with v7 enough to call it a day.


----------------------- MONOCHROME VERSIONS -----------------------


Bad Apple GDBad Apple SD.romBad Apple SD.mrq


21.8 Khz Audio (Orion's player - Audio re-sampled from HQ MP3 instead of taken from the YouTube source)

320x200x4bpp Video

Subtitles (Can be toggled on/off)



Seventh Attempt: Bad Apple v7.rom


15.3 Khz Audio (Orion's player - Audio re-sampled from HQ MP3 instead of taken from the YouTube source)

320x220x2bpp Video

Subtitles (Can be toggled on/off)




Sixth Attempt: Bad Apple v6.rom


11.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player - Audio re-sampled from HQ MP3 instead of taken from the YouTube source)

320x220x2bpp Video




Fifth Attempt: Bad Apple v5.rom


Video now at 160x120, scaled to 1:2 for fulscreen, however now in 4bpp (16 shades) - The ROM is back to 6Mb.


Is this better? I guess if you prefer shading over detail. I'll probably make a 320x240 1bpp version tomorrow (its 2am!) and leave it at that.




Fourth Attempt: Bad Apple v4.rom


Replaced the depacker with NRV2E by lsl / Checkpoint. Demo is now 4mb.

No new video, it's exactly the same as below. I'll try a higher res and/or more shades 6Mb version next, now that there is suddenly 2Mb free!


Third Attempt: Bad Apple v3.rom


21.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player)

320x120 Video


Additionally, some processing has been done on individual sequences - the star field at the start was punched to 3.0 GAMMA so they are visible. Several other sequences were converted with dithering so things such as the band and the running girl at the end now have their shadows, and the flames look much nicer.


Looping has been added so you can leave it running.




Second Attempt: Bad Apple v2.rom


21.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player)

320x120 Video




First Attempt: BadApple-6mb.rom


15.9 Khz Audio (ZeroPlayer)

192x100 Video




----------------------- COLOUR VERSIONS -----------------------


Second Colour Attempt: BadApple3DColour_v2.rom


11 khz Audio





First Colour Attempt: BadApple3DColour.rom

21.9Khz Audio






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maybe with my IMADPCM player you could have had a better frame resolution, it's 4bits -> 16bits (3m47s @ 15300hz would take 1736550 bytes)

drop me a message if you want the DSP source code


I did look into it, but I'm happy with this for now :)


*If anything, I'd leave the video as is, and improve the audio quality.

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Well, I got a 320x100 16 colour version working but it looked horrible. I think it was because it was shaded nicely horizontally but very rough in vertical.


So, I might try a 160x240 version - the shading might cover defects in X, while Y will have the resolution. After that, the only thing left is 320x240x1 with some sequences dithered (fire, etc)


I'm 100% positive with delta compression 320x240x16c is perfectly achievable, but that would be for someone else to try :)


@10:30pm NYE here, I'm too drunk to run the numbers again tonight.

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